What is PD and how does it benefit me?

What is PD?

Professional development (PD) refers to the continued training and education of an individual in regards to his or her career. The goal of professional development is to keep you up-to-date on current trends as well as help you develop new skills.

How can professional development benefit you on the pay scale?

In the Hannibal School District, for certified employees, 12 PD hours equate to 1 credit on our pay scale.  For example, if you have a Bachelor’s Degree and the next step on the salary scale is Bachelor’s Degree + 12 credits, you can earn 144 PD hours to equate to 12 credits to move.  You may earn as many PD hours as you wish, however, you can only accrue 72 PD hours (6 credits) per school year.  Remaining credits rollover to the next school year.  Please feel free to ask your building representative questions about professional development!  You can also move horizontally on HPS’s payscale by taking graduate classes.  When a course(s) is completed, you need to send your transcript to Martha Astorino to have these classes applied to your file.  If you receive college credits/degree and PD in the same school year, then you will get awarded both.  For example, a teacher receiving their Master’s Degree and also earned PD in the same school year, then that teacher will be awarded the Master’s Degree +3 credits (or however many credits earned from PD).  However, if a teacher accrued PD in previous years and receive their Master’s Degree this current school year, then they will be placed at Masters +0.

How can certificated staff earn professional development hours in the Hannibal60 district?

Action Plans (up to 10 hours)

  • You can earn PD credit for work you are already completing.  Learn about research that is practical and meaningful to classroom teaching.  Have opportunities to explore content within a specific field of study or interest.  Develop lessons that are significant to the development, implementation, and improvement of teacher/student learning.  Maybe you completed a district book study and want to do more research, collaboration, creating, implementation, etc, an action plan is a perfect option.
  • Groups can be by building level, grade level, or department.  You must have three or more in the group.  The group must meet a minimum of 10 hours.  If more time is needed, a new action plan is needed.  Each time you meet a reflection/planning sheet needs to be completed and signed by the people present.  In completion of the 10 hours, you may write a reflection paragraph, share information as a PD opportunity, or present your information at a staff meeting.
    Action Plan Form to be filled out and signed off by building principal and sent to the Board Office for approval by the Professional Development Committee

Book Studies

  • Each Fall, Spring, and Summer the PD committee compiles a list of educational books.  In Fall and Spring you may sign up for one book.  In Summer, you may sign up for up to three books including a wellness book.  You will be a part of an online or face-to-face group.  A facilitator will guide discussions and assignments for the book.  You  may earn up to 10 hours of PD per book.  The reading time does not count for PD, only the assignment/discussion time.  These assignments/discussions must be done outside of contract time.  Your book(s) will be purchased by the district.  If you end up not participating, you will be asked to return the book or reimburse the district.  If you volunteer to be a facilitator, you can earn an additional 2 hours in addition to the 10 hours for your participation in the study.  The extra 2 hours are for the work you must do to prep for the study.  You read ahead, decide what discussion questions to use, and track participation and hours for each participant.  Also, even if you earn PD hours for a book study, this time can also be counted for Career Ladder.

In-District Workshops

  • If you attend a workshop offered by our district outside of contract time, you should be asked by the facilitator to sign a sign-in sheet that looks like this PD Credit Sign-in Sheet

Individual Book Studies  

  • For the individual book study, you may read an educational book of your choosing.  Whatever the length of your book, you will divide it into three sections.  Each section will be worth one hour for the opportunity to earn up to three hours for the entire book.  You will be required to fill out this form for EACH of the three sections of the book and provide a reading log to the PD committee when finished with the book.  An individual book study may be done only one time during each book study cycle (summer, spring and fall).  If doing an individual book study, you may still participate in a group study.  The district will not purchase the book for an individual study.  This must take place outside of contract time.  
  • Online Book Study Form

Online Videos

  • Here is a link to PD videos compiled by our IT Department or you can view any educationally-related video you choose.  The videos should aid in your planning for instruction, research on topics such as instructional strategies, classroom management, etc or aid in your productivity as an educator.  Another good source for videos is Teacher Tube.  When you are finished watching the video, you  must fill out this Online Video PD Credit Form.  These videos must be watched outside of contract time.  During this upcoming year, the PD committee plans to begin adding more instructional and technology videos for you to earn PD right from home!

Out-of-District Workshops

  • If you complete continued training and education  other than what is offered by the District outside of your contract time, make sure you fill out the In District Credit Form.  You may only count time that is outside of your buildings contract time and may not include lunches that are not working lunches.  
  • If the workshop attended provides you with time in excess of 24 hours, a written proposal must be submitted to the PD committee for approval.  The proposal must include a summary of the activity indicating how you plan to utilize it in your position.

Who can you contact with questions about PD?

If your question pertains to checking on your current year PD hours, how many carryover hours you have or what you have attended, contact Martha Astorino.
If your question pertains to where you are on the payscale or how many credits you need to move over, contact Martha Astorino.
If you have a question about PD being offered or have an idea for PD to be offered or books to add to our study list, contact Whitney Noland or your building rep.
If you have a question about going to a PD outside of our district or PD that needs costs $, contact your principal.

***For check and balance purposes, we encourage you to keep track of all PD that you participate in!

Professional Development Committee

Shawn Brown, Assistant Superintendent
Jonathan McCammon, Technology
Martha Astorino - Board Office
Whitney Noland and Amy Rendel - HHS
Darla Brocksmith - HCTC
Angie Odom and Melinda Kneib - HMS
Erynn McNeff - Stowell
Leigh Anne Ford, Heidi Hansen, and Leah Otte - Mark Twain
Brittni Arthaud - Eugene Field
Shelby Kenison - Veterans
Debbie Stolte - Oakwood
Jennifer Smith and Lexi White - Early Childhood/Special Services
Amy Rendel, Melinda Kneib, Leah Otte - Instructional Coaches

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